August 27, 2008

Savannah day 3

Today was pretty crazy.
They kicked off their small groups tonight with an event called Linkfest.
Here's the bottom floor of their student building.
Here is where they have their high school services...pretty sweet.
during the worship set.
oh...and they had break dancers. unbelievable.
They offered me the job now starts decision time.
They are putting together an official offer for me...
so i should know all the details in the next few days.

Savannah day 2

Day 2 was great. I met the high school staff and hung out with them for a bit.
Took a tour of the's really nice.
they have a brand new student building called the Link...super nice. Only like 2 years old.
The student ministries offices are in the building which is cool.
the team is made up of the team leader, who is also the high school guy.
A junior high guy and then the 2 discipleship pastors (one for junior high and one for high school)
A ministry assistant and a administrative assistant and those 2 do everything that isn't "patoral"

I had my official interview with the senior pastor...(which is found out i went to college with his son and dated his son's roommate...ha) The executive pastor and then the department head.
it was pretty intense but in a really good way.
I appreciated that the senior pastor took the time to meet with me and grill me with questions.
Showed me how much he values his staff and how carefully they hire.
The interview went super well.

After that dinner with the student ministries team in downtown savannah which was super fun.
I really like everybody. Almost everyone is married...which is kinda different.
After dinner came back and crashed...the time change is killing me.
So far so good.

August 25, 2008

Rick Warren's such a big deal...

The guy at the front desk of my hotel was reading The Purpose Driven Life in Spanish
and then this little guy was in the drawer next to my bed.
way to go Rick....way to represent all the way in Georgia.

Savannah Day 1

I'm in Savannah, Georgia interviewing at Savannah Christian Church and so far so good!
I got picked up at the airport by a girl named Delana....she's great.
Works in HR and has done most of the communicating to organize my interview.
She had this fancy little organized folder for me
including this fancy org chart...I would be that little grey box on the far left.
High school discipleship pastor.
There's even a 2 page job description in this fancy little folder.
i'm so impressed with how prepared they are for me.
In ALL of my conversations with ANYONE everyone knows exactly who i am and all about me.
it's pretty sweet.
Really, really professional...which i appreciate.

I had dinner with my parents tonight which was great.
I'm going to meet them again for breakfast and then off to the interview stuff.

My actual "official" interview with the executive folks is Tuesday at 6:00
so if you're someone who loves me or just likes to pray....feel free to do so around that time! :)

August 23, 2008


I just found out I have to be out of my host home by September 1....
the reality that i'm really moving just sank in for the first time.
holy's so soon.

movie night.

Me, Phil, Zack, and Bethany watched the Italian Job tonight.
Not sure how i've made it through life so far without seeing this...but i totally loved it.
it doesn't hurt that i love Mark Wahlberg a lot. :)
Fun night.

August 22, 2008

oh hello...

I turned on my computer the other day to find this little gem as my background.....
let's just say it's still on there....
oh bethany....ha.
this is why we are friends.

August 19, 2008

Job Update...

I'm flying to Savannah, Georgia on the 26 for my final interview with
Savannah Christian Church to check out their high school ministry
I'm guessing when i get back i'll be closer to making a decision between there and Bayside
What a crazy time in my life.

August 18, 2008

Why So Serious???

I saw the Dark Knight with Zack and Bethany again tonight...
but this time in so awesome.
Totally worth the $15

August 16, 2008

there's a snake in my boot...

So i'm house sitting right now and bethany and zack decided to come pay me a visit.
Zack was distracted by something shiny so bethany and i decided to go grab some food.
Upon our return we found this HUGE SNAKE in the driveway.
Notice how big it is next to zack's car.
It was so scary.

After the snake incident we met Phil and Kat at the spectrum and saw
Pineapple Express which was highly inappropriate but SO funny.
Good times. Good friends.


guess i have some blogs to read.....

camp pictures coming soon!

August 10, 2008

Bayside day 2

so i'm sitting in the Sacramento airport waiting for my flight to LAX to
meet a volunteer who is driving me straight to camp!
what a weekend. ha.

Bayside was great. the staff was wonderful and i totally met people i felt instant friends with! Today i had coffee with their missions pastor...she's so great. Very real, very down to earth...she let me fire off questions i was hesitant about it was great. After that I went to the High School service which was really cool. Totally different than what we do in HSM but still really great....i met some great was really fun.
After the high school servie i went to their main service which i LOVED. totally, totally rad. Lincoln Brewster led worship and was incredible...just as i'd heard. The message was on integrity and was phenomenal...just the whole experience was great. i would TOTALLY go to church there!
After church they all took me to lunch at a really great mexican restaurant and then KJ and another staff guy they call Nemo dropped me off at the airport.

a lot to think about...but totally a great experience.

now i'm heading to a week of camp and REALLY hoping my bags made it on the bus. :)

August 09, 2008

Bayside day 1

just got to my hotel room after a FULL day of interviewing!
I'm up in Sacramento (Roseville) interviewing at Bayside Community Church...which is rad because Lincoln brewster is their worship pastor and AWESOME.
my flight left this morning and my incredible friend wendy dropped me off! I got here after about an hour long flight! KJ, the high school pastor picked me up with his wife l, Brooke....who just happens to be the same Brooke from survivor Guatemala...I was way more impressed with her than him! Ha!
Had such a great lunch talking and getting to know them!
After lunch I got a tour of the student ministries office and KJ and clint gave me a tour of the area and a chance to pick their brains about bayside!
After that KJ and I sat down for a one on one...which was great. I really like him!
Then we met up with the head of human resources and KJ's boss for my "official interview"
I felt really great about it and very comfortable talking with the three of them!
After that I went out to dinner with gill, their weekend guy, and his wife stacey and
it was SO GREAT!! She and I totally connected!! It was super fun talking with them about ministry and bayside and just life in general!
After that we went to gill's house to meet up with the rest of the staff and watched the UFC fight!
And now I'm in my fancy hotel room!
Such a fun day.
I'm meeting their missions pastor for coffee at 7:45 and then their high school service followed by big church with Lincoln leading worship!
Really great day. Really strange to think of my team having services without me!
Excited for services tomorrow and flying back for camp!!
What a crazy weekend!!!!

August 07, 2008

Last weekend!!!

This past weekend was my last weekend on high school staff at Saddleback Church...
a little sad...a little exciting.
Here are some pictures...

the staff and my small group praying at the end of our 2nd service

LOVE my small group girls!!!

love wendy

love my crying best friend, juli

August 01, 2008


So college preseason polls came out today and guess who was awesomely sitting at the top of those charts?!?!?!!? know...just my
how great of a wife am i gonna make for knowing preseason polls?!

Don't worry about it...