April 28, 2008

April 28

This morning I got a text from Bethany saying 
"Happy day between our birthdays"
It made me laugh. 
she's funny.
i'm glad we share this day friend. =) 

April 24, 2008


Mariah tagged me with this....

1.You’re feeling: strange. 
2.To your left: my mom's 3lbs dog. 
3.On your mind: a million different things
4.Last meal included: soup....i have the flu...been puking all day. 
5.You sometimes find it hard to: trust people
6.The weather: wonderful
7.Something you have a collection of: things that are green
8.A smell that cheers you up: the smell of people i love
9.A smell that can ruin your mood: i despise floral scents
10.How long since you last shaved: this morning
11.The current state of your hair: down and straight....
12.The largest item on your desk/workspace (not computer): i'm on the couch. 
13.Your skill with chopsticks: incredible
14.Which section you head for first in a bookstore: magazines
15.Something you’re craving: nothing right now...i'm super sick. 
16.Your general thoughts on the presidential race: i really have no opinion....i dont like any of them.
17.How many times have you been hospitalized this year: zero 
18.Favorite place to go for a quiet moment: starbucks
19.You’ve always secretly thought you’d be a good: wife....i watch sports center everyday. 
20.Something that freaks you out a little: i'm not really a worrier....but the future is pretty sketchy. 
21.Something you’ve eaten too much of lately: i haven't eaten in 3 days! 
22.You have never: been so confused. 
23.You never want to: be alone. 

i tag Bethany

April 23, 2008

Funny Things About the East Coast

1. EVERYONE wears crocs....what's the big deal with those things?!?
2. The time difference is terribly inconvenient. 
3. a kid was one the news holding a sign saying "i can't stop lying to my mom" while standing on a street corner. 
4. they sell shrimp out of the back of a truck down the street from my house. 
5. our walmart is open 24 hours a day
6. i can't go there without seeing someone i went to high school with
7. i'll be watching grey's anatomy and lost 3 hours before everyone else. =) 

love my family. 
but can't wait to come home. 
i love my friends. 
i love my job. 
i love california! 

April 22, 2008

midnight train to georgia

Aunt Ally
Day One

man, i love this kid. 

April 16, 2008

Douglas MontgomerWii Fields

Oh you know...just Me, Bethany, and Hibbard on our lunch break making wii people.

Oh, who is that hanging with Fields you ask??

Oh you know, just Rick Warren and Jesus.

April 11, 2008


i've never been more proud of my video making skills until this moment.....

April 09, 2008

Dear George and John

While you both are very nice to look at....your movie was terrible. 

For Taffy

This picture was on my igoogle homepage as the "interesting picture of the day"
pretty awesome.

The end of my favorite time of year....

Not terrible.....Could have done better but i did pick the winner. 
First time ever. 

April 06, 2008

happy birthday john!!

the fellas
on the way home.....so tired
a little chili in a bread bowl for petty
and for wendy
this is why we are friends....
mariah & wendy! love them!
3 of my favorites
love her

LOVE them

california screamin!
Zack got tired....
me & mariah
john & jaime
petty rockin the thumbs up
zack & b

such a fun night!!!
i have GREAT friends!!!
happy birthday john!!!

April 05, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen.....i give you


John on drums

Allison on bass

Mariah on vocals 

yep....we are awesome

April 02, 2008

I heart David Beckham

Now....why couldn't he have been at the laker game I went to?!?!? 
Such a bummer.