December 17, 2008

More christmas olympics...

merry christmas....

So we had this staff christmas party where we each had to bring a gift between $15-$25
most people got giftcards or something cool like that...
i got this.... you can't tell but its embossed with gold glitter and carved out of one solid piece of wood.

You might be asking yourself,
"What does one do with such a treasure?!"
Well i'm glad you asked....

It hangs out with my talking Moses doll.

death map....

how crazy that they made this map?
It's a map showing where deaths occur due to mother nature...crazy!
I found it on

December 16, 2008

welcome to georgia....

this was an actual conversation today with my boss....

doug: ray is bringing the deer by tomorrow for the christmas party
me: i'm sorry...the what??
doug: the deer...for dinner on friday.
me: I'M SORRY....we are serving deer to our students?
doug: yes
me: do we tell them?
doug: no
me: whhhhhhy???
doug: cause its free, one of our volunteers is a hunter.

poor bambi.
only in georgia....

December 08, 2008

God of Justice

keep us from just singing, move us into action...

Christmas Olympics part 2

Christmas Olympics!

We are doing an out reach event in 2 weeks that's going to be amaaaaaazing.
The first event....the christmas tree toss.