May 31, 2008

welcome to the big show....

So i got to shoot and edit a video for big church this week. 
I don't think i took a breath  until i dropped the DVDs off in the media room at 1:30 today. 
the outside shot at the end is super bright...but other than that i felt pretty good about it. 

good times.

Staff retreat here I come. 

May 07, 2008

i'm so cultured....

So our student ministries team is in Atlanta for the Drive Conference 
(pictures will be up soon)
We've been having an absolute blast! 

I'm staying in a room with Bethany, Allison, and Katie Edwards.
Tonight we got into a HEATED debate over the UGLY curtains hanging in our room. 
They made me feel like an idiot because i said it wasn't a was something else. ( i couldn't remember the dang name!) 
I wouldn't give up my obvious win because i KNEW I WAS RIGHT. 
So we called bethany's mom and she knew exactly what i was talking about and it's called 
ya jerks! :) 

"A cornice board is an inexpensive and easy-to-make window treatment for your home. A cornice board is simply a 4-sided wooden box. There is no bottom, and the wall forms the back of the box. Think of a cornice board as a wooden valance with a top.
Cornice boards can be upholstered with fabric, painted, or, most easily, covered with a wallpaper border"

May 03, 2008

i heart chick flicks

Most people that know me probably wouldn't guess that i LOVE super girly love movies... 
But i TOTALLY do! And this one was SO CUTE! Super predictable and cheesy....but i LOVED it! I saw it tonight with one of my best friends and a new friend....and all 3 of us loved it. so so good. It made me laugh out loud SEVERAL times...which i realize isn't totally hard....but i seriously thought it had its moments of being super funny. 
Well done McDreamy, well done. 


I just found this button on my alarm clock that lets it make sounds while I sleep. 
My choices are 
  • a thunderstorm
  • waves crashing
  • the rainforest
  • rain
  • summer night
  • and a waterfall
I'm one of those crazy people that has to have some sort of noise when i sleep. 
typically its a fan which makes my room freezing
tonight i chose the rain...i'm gonna sleep so good.