June 10, 2009

intentionally building community

This summer we are trying to figure out how to build more community in our ministry.
It's difficult with students because you have so many outside influences that disrupt community. From attending different schools...to relationships at school...to who used to date who in a ministry...it just makes community a little difficult.

So we were thinking whenever you know someone's story you're much more likely to extend some extra grace to them.
So we came up with this game called GRILL YOUR FACE OFF
where each week we are going to grill a different student and adult leader with completely random questions.

Here's an example:

i'm stoked :)

June 08, 2009

going home!

Just bought my plane ticket back to california!!! :)
I'm so so so so excited
I'll be able to see my old students...catch a wedding...see my best friends...i'm SO excited!
July 29-August 4...hooray!
(mariah...remember how we drove this entire way?!)

June 01, 2009

New series...

not gonna lie...this might just be my favorite graphic i've made so far

summer serve days

May 24, 2009

update through pictures...

this is me freshman year of high school....haha.
I showed it during my message this weekend

these are my kids ROCKIN out big church :)

these are my cute nephews

April 24, 2009

Summer Calendar

the summer calendar i designed came in today...it turned out so great.
Everyday my job kinda takes on a new role...it's exciting

April 22, 2009

Wedding pictures!

I got to photograph a wedding this past weekend....here's a couple of my favorites!

April 15, 2009

Better Off Ted

definitely one of my favorite things on tv right now....

Serve Day!

April 11, 2009

The Masters!!

My dad took me to the Masters on Tuesday...here's a few pictures! :)