October 31, 2007

Dear Oregon trail...

I LOVE YOU!!! =)
here's a recap of the rough day we had on the trail....

It started out with Me, Bethany, Katie Shannon, Zack, and Shaun.
Water got scarce and Zack died of thirst....

Things were going well until Bethany almost drowned....

But fear not....Tom Holladay came along to save the day....

She had frostbite from her near death experience....

but we pressed on.
Until all of the sudden....death struck again and Shaun died of thirst.

then out of no where....tradgedy struck again....and Bethany died from reasons unknown.

These were our choices on how to deal with her death...i believe we continued immediately.

this is her sad face over her recent death.

This is katie and I staying strong on the long trip.

To be continued....

October 28, 2007

25 questions from Katie...

in 3 words or less...
1. Where is your cell phone? by my foot.
2. Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend or Husband/Wife? no thank you.
3. Where is one of your parents? home in georgia
4. Cheesecake? a lovely treat.
5. Your favorite thing to do? mondays with bethany
6. Your dream last night? not a clue
7. Your favorite drink? a little rootbeer
8. The room you're in? not mine, weird.
9. George Bush? i love him.
10. What you're good at? being open minded.
11. One of your wish list items? my own apartment
12. Where did you grow up? hawaii, georgia, tennessee
13. The last thing you did? freshman small group
14. What are you wearing? soccer pants, shirt.
15. Who stole your sunglasses? a cute little african boy. =)
16. Ketchup? not necessary
17. Your computer? white mac book
18. Your life? so so great.
19. Your mood? a little tired.
20 Your next blog? something funny happens.
21. Your car is? pretty dang dirty.
22. Your summer? spent in africa. =)
23. Your relationship status? a little complicated.
24. Your favorite color(s)? green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25. When is the last time you laughed? during small group

i tag my beeeeeeest friend mariah. =)

October 24, 2007

Fun Lunch

#1 John Sterns has the WORLD'S FLATTEST FEET!! #2 this is a fun group of people to share a lunch table with.


Right behind the oakley building in foothill/portola hills area....

New Pictures

these were right outside Griff's house....taken with the miraculous shutter speed of my iphone. ha.

October 21, 2007

Remember when California is on fire....

This is so crazy....i can see the smoke from the fire on the 241 from my house.
It looks like the movie Volcano.
SO crazy!!
Living in California is nuts sometimes....these things don't really happen anywhere else.

Wrapped in the Holy Spirit....

So I coach this soccer team.
11 year old girls.

and today my team is playing the 1st place team and just getting owned. We played really, really well...in fact the best so far...but the other team was just bigger and stronger. So once of my girls took a pretty decent shot from another player and fell down. So i got to do the typical coach thing and jog on the field to check on her. **let me preface this by saying I was the player that would only leave the field if something was broken in two. My coach had to drag me off the field....so I'm not terribly sympathetic. I took A TON of pride in being tough.** this kid on the other hand was WAILING. Not just crying but literally WAILING! So i'm already angry that she's being such a baby....i mean the hit really wasn't that bad...when her mom comes over to the bench and begins to baby her and tell her that when she fell she was "wrapped in a blanket by the holy spirit and that it didn't really hurt because she was covered by the blood of the lamb." Now i'm not even kidding right now...this was a literal conversation. No exaggeration. So as this mom is babying this little girl....i'm dying inside....dying of laughter...dying of frustration with this little girl and her mom....and this whole time the kid is screaming...you would have thought someone had cut her arm off. So 10 minutes go by and i ask her if she's ready to go back in and she says no...she wants to just rest. I almost died. It was amazing...good thing she was wrapped in the holy spirit. =)

October 19, 2007

a wonderful day off.

Such a fun day at Disneyland with one of my old students!!
Here are a few action shots. ha.
a little embarrassing that i'm concentrating so hard on buzz light year...but at least i'm winning. =)
Going back on monday with my favorite disneyland friend, Bethany.
Feel free to join us...we're fun...and rather entertaining. =)

October 09, 2007

dang you Allison Hibbard....

seriously, i have bad dreams....i think people are following me constantly....i've started to wonder what people REALLY do in their free time.
I stay awake till after 1 am watching these stupid episodes that are so dang good i can't stop.
dang you allison hibbard....why must you suggest SUCH GOOD TV!! =)

October 02, 2007

New Friends are fun

i had coffee with a new friend this afternoon.
it was fabulous.
2 hours felt like 5 minutes and like i'd known her all my life.

New friends are fun. =)