August 29, 2007


What do you do when you feel like a failure? Those of you that have been in ministry longer than i have...please share your thoughts. I am HIGHLY should know that. i LOVE my students with my whole heart....i can't help it, i just do. Well what do you do when a kid you love completely and have poured a year of your life into turns and runs the other way and acts like the entire last year didn't even phase them? I know i plant the seeds...God makes them grow...obviously...but my heart is broken and i'm just sad, i can't help it. I know i can't force students to make good decisions or go down the right path...but its soooo heartbreaking to watch. How do you make yourself be okay with watching a student you love just not get it? it's been a rough couple of days...just a lot of personal struggles and a couple of hard things happening at once.... I would appreciate the prayers for clarity and discernment.

August 27, 2007

Can friendships really last?

My whole life, in the majority of my friendships, it seems like it gets to a point of greatness....and then goes doooown hill. Its not like we get into a huge fight...we just steadily start drifting apart and bickering about little stupid things and eventually it gets to the point where i ask i really need this person in my life? I think i would rather get into a huge fight and solve it and move forward...but instead it seems its slow and gradual. Do people just change? Do relationships just change? Circumstances? Do we just get on each other's nerves eventually? How does a friendship last a life time? Looking back on my 23 years of life...there are only a couple of friends i can't imagine my life without....i want to be that kind of friend and i want those kinds of friends.

August 24, 2007

Recent Fun Events

Mariah and John invited Jason and me to the Angels game last night...and we sat in these sweet seats! First row of the club level on the third base side. The angels lost...but a very fun game, with very fun people (even if they did get on the big screen while I was in the bathroom!!)

Also another friday night watching the boys play softball...its become rather entertaining. haha.

and the highlight of my day was a comment by Brittany on my iphone post. =)
Britt...i was so sad you weren't here when i got it...only because i know how much you love presents from my mom. I miss you a lot though for real...hope NY is great!!!

August 18, 2007

Fun Night

I met Mariah at the boys softball game which was super fun to catch up! i'm soooooo glad she's back!! =) And we also managed to catch jaime fall on his face TWICE which was incredibly entertaining! Then we headed over to the Johnston's for a little High School Musical 2 with SUCH fun people!! I haven't laughed so hard in awhile! It's so refreshing to be around really fun people! It was a much needed, very fun night!

My mom is Rad

Mainly because when she misses me she likes to send me things....or buy me things...its her thing. Most current gift of love....oh an iphone...and its AWESOME!!! It's kind of addicting to play with though. I got a new number...officially a californian with my 949 area code. Send me an email if you need the new digits!

August 11, 2007

Kenya stole my heart....

I'm home from africa....and very glad to be home but CAN'T wait to go back!!!!
I'll post some pictures soon....i have soooooo many! it was a wonderful/crazy/sad/eye opening/inspiring/heart breaking trip!
i missed you guys!!!