June 30, 2008

My weekend...

Another crazy weekend! 
Some of my favorite boys got baptized in our new baptismal! 

Nephew BoBo
love these boys. 
I ran our back room all weekend which was super fun but a tad stressful.
lots of buttons to push and things to pay attention to. 
Notice Zack in the top left screen looking all rockstar-ish. 
A little dinner with my best friend Mariah, her husband John, and a very funny Kevin Reeves 
another great weekend. 

June 27, 2008

i miss these guys....

check out their blog while they are in Brazil for 5 weeks....it's pretty dang funny

June 24, 2008

my lunch dates

this is del's satan impression....

this is their Olsen twins impression....
love them.

refinery opening!

i love this area.....looks just like a living room. 
yes, that's a fire place. 
this is the upstairs....
this is me and meg totally exhausted....
this is the high school service our very first weekend in the Refinery

zack and ryanne leading a little game...
students everywhere....i LOVE it. 

Freshman Frenzy!!

5 weeks in Brazil

4 of my small group girls left for Brazil this morning. 
5 whole weeks on a mission trip! 
i made each of them a 37 day devotional 
including some sweet pictures so they wouldn't forget what i look like. :)



i wish i had the maturity/perspective in high school to give up my summer for a 5 week mission trip. I'm so proud of them and can't wait to hear stories of faith and friendship and hard times and good times when they get back! 

June 22, 2008

First night in the Refinery!!!

more pictures to follow......such a fun night. 
totally made all the hard work worth it. :) 

June 21, 2008


what a long crazy, crazy, crazy HOT day
First, there was silent football while waiting for laser tag 
(an hsm tradition for certain)
including T Shan addressing the commissioner Brock McNeff
I saw this add at laser quest and thought of Griff....a jedi overnighter...
Could life possibly get any better?
After dinner was on to bowling...
and virus spending millions of dollars on this game to win an ipod. 
he came so close! 
the event coordinator herself....with apparently the bathroom ghost behind her. 
my OCD hard at work creating this 2012 creation out of juice boxes. 
which NONE of the freshman noticed, a thank you. 
ALWAYS a little killball (which we got kicked out of!!)

After a girls staff vs freshman girls killball game
i got some UNBELIEVABLE blisters from playing barefoot on a tennis court. 
Yes, i felt them coming...but in the spirit of throwing volleyballs at the faces of freshman girls....i just couldn't help myself. 

don't look if you think feet are gross. 

no, for real...i'm warning you this is gross. 

yes, in the bottom picture in the center is one HUGE blister. 
So sick....and hurt so much. 
but we won 

June 20, 2008

Refinery = Exhausted.

how cool is this!?
Petty on camera in the "high school room"

so i have this friend named riley....
we're really good at putting tables together, together.
our awesome student ministries staff...
...before the chaos
...after the chaos.
but we have a sweet waterfall =)
and a sweet Be Inspired wall