March 30, 2008

My favorite movie....

This has always been one of my favorite movies! 

I just finished watching it....and i've always wondered if Dottie drops the ball at the end on purpose. 
I mean, she was so good...she easily could have taken Kit running into her. 
So did she drop it on purpose?
I dont think I'd lose the world series for my sister....sorry Melissa. 

more with the food network....

did you know there are 200,000 ways to have a whopper at burger king??
AND when it was first created it cost 37 cents. 

is it strange that i find this so entertaining??? 

Did you know???

that mustard is ACTUALLY made from a mustard seed?
AND 10 million mustard seeds go into ONE bottle??? 
oh, i love the food network. 

I also learned that hotdogs are made out of pureed meat....which I found to be disgusting to look at. I liked the finished product much better than the process.  
66 hotdogs in 12 minute is the world record incase you were curious. 

March 28, 2008

my friend zack....

the latest bracket....

i'm a little bummed with some of my picks....but overall not too shabby. 
i'm beating most of the boys at work...which is always a fun thing to brag about in an office full of dudes and girls who don't really care about march madness :) 

Angel's Game

March 20, 2008

oh, how i LOVE march!!

Perfect so far......i LOVE march!!! 

March 18, 2008

My travels...

I recently realized how many dang places i've been....i love traveling so much!!!

March 17, 2008

In honor of st.patrick's day.....

Someone (jana sarti!!!) once told me I wear green all the time. So in honor of my favorite holiday (not really....I just REALLY enjoy the color green!!) I decided to take a picture of all things GREEN around my room!!! 

(disclaimer....i did not strategically place any of these items....unfortunately this is actually how many things are green in my room. And don't ask why i don't have closet doors....)

March 14, 2008

Another friend married!

First there was annie and I taking pictures at Mariah's wedding

then this picture with the beautiful bride
THEN there's mariah and I taking pictures at Annie's wedding
and this picture with THIS beautiful bride
and more pictures with mariah of course. 

I love weddings.  I love friends. I love thinking of the pictures that will be taken at my wedding one day....the people that attend your wedding sort of tell a story about where you've been and where you're heading. 
Mine should be interesting for sure. :) 
one day.  

March 10, 2008

Dear Mariah...

I know you make fun of me because I dont blog everyday....i just blog lots of things on one i'm sure you're really getting a kick out of what i just did...but seriously....this is all i have time for. ha. so dont make fun of me today! can make fun of me cause you're sick....but after more. =) 
you're my best friend...

Dear Annie.....

i'm so excited you're married. 
Here are a few things i'm going to miss with you living in Kentucky.

1) Staff retreat for sure

2) intern lunches

3) Trips to LA to shop (including the sketchy gas station where we stopped to get gas) 
4) the ridiculous faces you make in pictures =) 

5) having so much fun with you

6) your willingness to make me laugh at any cost


8) you screaming for your life on the ferriswheel

9) that both of our names start with an A so we could take THIS cheesy picture!

10) that this look of horror on our faces is only half exaggerated!

11) your smile that always made me want to smile too! 
I love you friend!!! SO, SO exited for you....but totally going to miss you!!!
i want to come out ASAP for a Kentucky bball game!!! 

Your friend, 

Sick Friends!!

My 2 best friends are sick.....which leads me to believe i will be next. 

but i really love them both...enough to keep hanging out with them....even during their sickness.
i have great friends. =)  

Things i learned while babysitting today....

1) I make a mean peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. 
2) i'm awesome with playdough.....(see below)

3) i know i'm not ready to have kids....simply because i got super irritated when they mixed the different colors of playdough. 
4) toy story 2 is a great freaking movie. 

March 07, 2008

i am angry.

don't judge me...but i periodically google my name just to see what might pop up. 
Old soccer articles from college and such usually keep it entertaining
but today i found out someone has and i'm angry. 
and not that i'll ever have anything important enough to make into my own website named after's just sad to know that if i wanted to....i couldn't. 

booo allison murray photography.

and for my 100 post.....

i had the BEST time at the Laker game tonight! 
Kind of a blowout....i mean they were playing the clippers...and they are pretty terrible!
But my FIRST NBA basketball game ever...SO fun. 
How is this my first NBA game you ask?
being that i'm such an avid sports watcher and all.....but i've never ever lived anywhere that's had a professional basketball team! 
so, so, so cool.

not to mention I sat about 100 yards from Mark McGrath! Across from Dianna Ross....and to the right of Jack Nickelson...and saw andy garcia walking out. 

AND no to mention how much i love KOBE BRYANT!!!!
And did i mention we were in the 6th row?!?!?!?

man, oh man....such a good night!