February 27, 2008

My life is silly.....

a couple of months ago my parents decided they would be awesome and buy me a new car. Since then....it has been the biggest inconvenience of my entire life. 

a) i haven't been able to sell the other car. 
b) the other car got broken into. Window smashed and radio stolen.  Which cost me a fortune
c)on my way to replace the stereo it wouldn't start
d) when my radio was ripped out it shorted out the battery and sucked all the power out of it so i had to have that replaced...which cost me a fortune.
e) i let someone borrow the new car and they put a dent in it. 
f) i found out i need glasses.....which also cost me a fortune. 
f) after baptizing one of my students tonight a girl walks up to me and says she hit my new car in the parking lot. 


i have no idea what crazy life lesson God's trying to teach me right now...but i'm sure ready to find out already. 

February 21, 2008

Today i found this....

someone is seriously living in my car....today i found this in the front seat.
NO CLUE who it belongs to.
it's a conspiracy....i'm certain.

My friends the super heroes....

ladies, I give you.....
Zack Barker and Josh Pease
eat your heart out.

Does this belong to you???

two days ago i opened up my trunk and found the following:
  • someone's hiking attire
  • a big creepy blue duffel bag
  • a tennis racket
  • a christmas pillow

i have NO CLUE who these items belong to....or why they are in my trunk....or how they even got in my trunk! I haven't driven this car in weeks...i think i'm being framed for a murder.

February 19, 2008

Lost Season 1

an entire season of television in a day and a half....thank you Allison Hibbard for giving me another tv show that consumes my life...and my day off. =) 

February 12, 2008

New job role....

I'm now in charge of "All things communication" as Griff likes to put it. 
This is on top of being "utility player" "video maker" and helping Jpetty with student leadership. 
Not really sure what that looks like yet but....
First step....creating a Myspace for our students to stay connected! 
the goal: 1,000 friends on myspace by April 1. 
totally do able...dont ya think??

February 08, 2008

5 reasons why i love high school ministry!

1) because this many students skipped school on monday to head up to big bear!

2) because my beautiful girls make themselves look ridiculous in pictures.

3) because i get to work with sweet Germans like Dom!

4) because i got hit in the face with a snowball.