November 24, 2008

so proud

this is a video of 2 of my girls at our service project this weekend. i was so so proud of them. :)

November 23, 2008

picture time

some of my new students

November 19, 2008

Only in Georgia...

I got this from my friend Laura Sue.... it's just amazing.

November 14, 2008

my friend bethany....

she's the best.
and made me laugh pretty consistently for the last hour and a half on the phone.
The best friendships are the ones that distance can't get in the way of :)
2 seconds on the phone and its right back to normal.
i sure miss hanging out...but our phone conversations are just about as equally entertaining .
love you friend.

November 11, 2008


i wish i could sing.

Like, i think i would trade my athleticism for a great voice.
For some reason i'm always surrounded by people with amazing voices...and i want to steal it
just like Ursula stole Ariel' you think that's possible??

i pray for it often...maybe one day.


Coldest water EVER.

i love that this is my job. :)

November 10, 2008


i still have my saddleback email account and i check it occasionally and today read an email from rick about love....

"IF you are serious about becoming a truly loving person, a pro at love, a world-class, five-star lover --- your love WILL BE TESTED! Fake love wears out. Real love endures. It is only when your love is tested and stretched, that it grows to maturity."

I'm noticing this even in my friendships. My real friends, the ones that really love me and really support me and really want to be a part of my life WILL matter where i live or what's gone on between us. And that's been terribly obvious these last 2 months. Real love doesn't wear out.
Love is a big word...don't say it unless you mean it and you're really willing to endure.

November 04, 2008


So i'm teaching for the first time at my new church this weekend.
I've got week 2 in our family series on What Kind of Family Do I want?
Such a sweet topic.
I'm using 2 Kings 21 about Josiah and how crazy his family was but that he decided to be different and not repeat the same mistakes they made and it changed a nation.
I'm also talking about how my boss went through tons of applications before he chose me..and he chose me because we are SO different and I compliment him.
Together we make a great team.
And everytime he was in an interview he knew what he was looking for which made it easier to see things he wasn't looking for and he passed.
Because why should he settle for less than exactly what he was looking for.
So, what kind of family do you want?
Don't settle for anything less than that.
That's good right?
(that's a question, not a statment) ha.